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Governing Body & School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Update for Families Feb 2022


Objective 1 

Connecting the Curriculum 

To ensure the school is rapidly developing an ambitious, cohesive and connected curriculum from the early years to year 6, to include a diverse reading curriculum for all To implement a cohesive assessment, marking and feedback system to support teachers.  

Develop staff understanding of how to use prior attainment for target setting for all pupils to achieve or exceed their potential.  

Objective 2 

Ready to learn, progress for all 

To ensure the standard of high expectations for all learners is in place, including a clear and consistent behaviour for learning strategy, removing barriers to learning and ensuring access to the curriculum for all pupils.  

To ensure high quality teaching and learning includes all pupils so they achieve and progress.  

Objective 3  

Growing the workforce, everyone a leader 

To ensure all staff have access to high quality CPD this year to develop their curriculum/ leadership area and utilise professional input from subject associations and other sources.  To ensure that senior and middle leaders have accurate oversight of their areas of the school so that subject leaders understand progression and skills in their subject, and monitor them effectively.  To develop the leadership of teaching and learning, at senior and middle leader level. To ensure all leaders have the time and CPD to develop their understanding of learning 2-11. 

Objective 4  

Effective Quality Assurance  


To develop the oversight of the governing body, to ensure there is a robust quality assurance process in place to monitor progress in the Quality of Education and all areas of the school.  

To ensure governors and leaders collaborate with all stakeholders in school to develop the accurate view of provision to align strategic priorities in a timely way. 

An effective monitoring cycle is developed in collaboration with stakeholders to ensure all aspects of the provision are being monitored effectively.  

Make An Impact - Become a School Governor





Many people work hard to ensure Ash Primary School and Nursery is a place where your child enjoys learning and achieves their full potential. 


We are a group of local people who want to make a positive contribution to your child’s education here at Ash. 


What do the governors do?


School governing bodies play an essential part in raising school standards. Ofsted (the monitoring body for schools) notes that the most effective schools demonstrate excellent leadership and management - and that includes the governing body.

As governors at Ash, we have three important roles to play:


Setting strategic direction - setting aims and objectives for the school and the policies and procedures needed to achieve them. We help the school set high standards and targets for school improvement.


Ensuring accountability - we monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making against its objectives. We help the school respond to the needs of parents and the community. We also monitor the budget.


Acting as a critical friend - we provide support and challenge to the head teacher and teaching staff.


How do we do it?


Regular meetings

We hold six full governors’ meetings per year (two per term), which every governor attends. 


Governors’ meetings include a variety of the following:


Progress updates from the head teacher and 
other members of staff responsible for particular areas of the school curriculum; the opportunity to challenge and ask questions about the running of the school; the chance to thank staff and congratulate them on successes; discussion of particular problems or issues arising in school and how they can be solved efficiently and effectively; debate about how best to spend particular parts of the budget; approval of school policies and procedures.


Governor visits to school


We all enjoy visiting the school and finding out from the children what they are learning, what they are finding difficult and the progress they feel they are making. All visits are recorded and any questions are addressed by the head teacher and staff at children at the next governors meeting. 


Other support


We provide a whole range of support to the school in other ways too:

regular progress meetings with the head teacher and other teaching staff; attending visits by external consultants and Ofsted inspectors; help with staff recruitment interviews; safeguarding; supporting school events, productions and trips; improving the buildings and premises. 


Did you know...?

Governors come from every walk of life and many different parts of the community. 



Members of the Governing Body 2021-2022


Chair- Mr Kris Pearse


Vice-Chair Mrs Georgina Griffiths


Headteacher (Ex Officio) Mrs Rebecca Bennett


Mrs Clair Robins


Mrs Rebecca Lihou


Revd Paul Fillery


Mr Tim Jones (Staff Governor)


Mr Thomas Freke


Mr Chris Worledge