eSafety Resources

Do you need to keep up with how children use technology?

Do you want to know how to help protect children’s online use at home?

Do you want resources that you can use to help support parents?

eLIM (e-learning and information management department of Somerset County Council) provide comprehensive material for parents/families regarding staying safe online - these are available online here.

The following sites provide useful indepth information :

eLIM have also produced a series of booklets for parents and teachers on topics that relate to common issues around e-safety. Please click on any of the links below, to view these resources.

report    privacy    protect

How to report issues to
Facebook and Twitter

Information on how to report
issues to these social networks



Privacy Settings in Facebook 
and Twitter

How to make these tow social
networks safer to use


How to protect your
children at home

Information on how to set
controls on broadband, mobile
phones, game consoles and
other technology


 safer    what are    whatcomes

 Safer Searching

Information on how you can
help prevent your child viewing
inappropriate material

   What are children doing?

Research into the media
activities of children


 What comes after Facebook?

Looking at other websites and
apps that children use





Helping children to play video 

A guide with ideas to help 
your  children play video 
games safely



Vodaphone publish the 'Digital Parenting' magazine, which is available for viewing here.

'RM Education' have produced an 'E-Safety Parents Guide', which is available here