Ash School Virtual Summer Concert 2020

Welcome to the Ash Primary School Summer Concert. Since we were unable to hold the concert as normal, we invited children to submit recordings of the pieces they had been practising at home during Lockdown. We very much hope that you enjoy the concert.


A copy of the program is available for download here.


Niamh – Drums -Deep Trouble


Isla (Yr 4) Piano – Part of this World


Evelyn (Yr 4 ) Clarinet – Peppa Pig


Tom (Yr 5) Keyboard – Sunrise


Oakley (Yr 5) Guitar


Anna (Yr 5) Piano – Imagine


Ellie (Yr 6) Ukulele


Ruby (Yr 4) Flute – Morning


Harriet (Yr 5) Keyboard Through the Woods and Trombone Player


Esther (Yr 5) Scratch Mix


Amelia (Yr 6) Tenor recorder


Charlotte (yr 4) Violin


Elouise (Yr 6) Piano- Hallelujah


Megan (Yr 6) Tenor recorder


Anna (Yr 5) My heart will go on (NB 2nd recording)


Charlie (Yr 5) Happy Day