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As many hands build a house, so many hearts create our school.

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This year Snowdon Class is made up of 20 year 6 pupils and 13 Year 5 pupils  who are taught by Mrs Griffin, Mr Jones and Mrs Morris.





Literacy, Numeracy and ICT lessons are all following the national curriculum standards.

We will be basing our Maths  on the White Rose planning alongside the NCTEM Maths resources.

Below is the overview of the topics that will be taught in all the other subjects over the Year. The topics may vary for a year group split over two classes but we are teaching a skills based approach  and they will be consistent across a year group.

 Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
ArtMayan artPrinting and Christmaslooking at perspectivesculptureCaribbean/African artPlay scenery props

Yr 5 properties of materials

Yr 6 circulatory system

Changes of materials


Healthy living




Earth and Space





animal  life cycles and puberty


recap circuits


human life cycles and puberty


MusicRecorder ProjectHow does Music connect us with the past?How does music make the world a better place?How does music teach us about our community?How does music shape our way of life?One World 

Yr 5 what Christians believe about God and incarnation

Yr 6 What do Hindus believe about Dharma, Deity and Atman


That do Jewish people believe about God, The covenant and Torah


What do Christians believe about salvation


What do Muslim people believe about Islam and Iman


What do Christians believe about Agape

moving on

run, throw jump/

Football/ swimming

GymnasticsGymnasticsNetballTennis/tag rugbyrounders/athletics
Computinginternet safetyClever Searching



digital photographycodingcoding
SpanishThe classroom environment

In the city

Christmas shopping

Healthy eating and going to the market

clothes, colours and fashion

out of this worldGoing to the seaside
HistoryThe early Mayan civilizationLater Mayan civilizationThe fall of the MayansHistory of local transportHistory of slaveryhistory of slavery
GeographyA River's journeyfamous riversCentral Americalocal field studiesfair tradefair trade
PHSEMake everyone feel noticedmaking a differencelooking after our whole selfour communityenterprise changes and moving on.




One of our key aims is to help the children develop good skills in organisation and independence that will help them feel confident in coping with the expectations of secondary school. To help with this they have a home work diary that we would like you to regularly look at and sign at the weekend and fill in the two achievement boxes. There is also a ‘What is Needed When’ sheet which they can use to ensure that they have the correct equipment on each day.


What is needed when

Monday: Reading book
              Homework diary
              Year 6 guided reading text
              Year 5 guided reading text
              Spelling book

              PE kit
Tuesday: Reading book
               Homework diary
               Year 6 Maths and Grammar homework
               Year 5 Maths homework

               Spelling book
Wednesday:  Reading book
                     Homework diary
                     Spelling book

                     PE kit
Thursday : Reading book
                  Homework diary
                  Spelling Book


Friday :  reading book
              homework diary
              Swimming kit

Study guides for Year 6, once given out, may be used in lessons on any day and at home for homework tasks.

A positive approach to learning


Being positive and giving things a go to the best of their ability is key to growing in confidence and making progress. We expect that they work hard in lessons, listening carefully and try to maintain focus for the whole session.

We reward good effort and quality in their work with stickers which they collect in a card to gain certificates.

We like to praise and celebrate good work as it is a powerful tool and will offer a break-time Maths homework club to help with any queries or uncertainties. For the Year 6 group, this is all part of getting them ready for secondary school in September 2022.


Homework is recorded in their homework diaries.

The children are expected to read every night for at least 15 minutes and even the best readers benefit from discussing their book with an adult sometimes.

On a Monday they will receive a piece of guided reading to read and discuss with an adult before the following Monday.  On that day we discuss it in even more depth and they will not make the most of this Literacy lesson if they have not done the task at home.

Every Monday they will have a spelling test and will receive the new spellings to practise over the week. They will be from the Year 5/6 spelling lists which you can see on page 18-23 on the link below.



On Friday they will have some Maths and Year 6 pupils will also have a piece of Grammar homework. This is to be completed over the weekend. If there is something in the Maths that they do not understand then we run a Maths homework club at 12.30 pm on a Tuesday  lunchtime. They sign up for it on the classroom whiteboard on Tuesday morning.

They may also get extra maths facts to learn over the week for a test, for example, square numbers or shape names.

This amount of regular homework gets them into a good routine which really helps them cope with the homework they will eventually get at secondary school.

Being responsible

We encourage all pupils to become more responsible for their learning, their possessions, the younger pupils and the school environment.  Each Year 6 has a buddy to support in Class R and an area of the school to tidy on Friday morning for 10 minutes. Some of the Year5 and  6 will have the opportunity to be elected on to the school council and will help make decisions throughout the year. All the children should be encouraged to try and pack their bag the night before using the sheet supplied and not say, “Mum forgot to pack my trainers!”



SATs -09/05/22

 Year 6 will have four days of tests starting on 09/05/22 There will be a scaled table with 100 being set as average. The children will get a raw score (the number of marks that they got right) on their tests and then the table will be used to convert it into a scaled score. The government will not create the scaled score conversion table until after their test are marked in June 2022 and they know what the national average is.

The secondary schools will then be told whether your child is working at the expected level, are exceeding it  or are working towards it.  

They are tested in Numeracy (3 papers) and Literacy (3 papers), with Science and writing being done by teacher assessment unless we are chosen to be a sample school.

Year 5 will so some in school assessments so that their progress can be tracked and reported  to you.


Making the most of the year

Our aim is to create a happy and stimulating learning environment where expectations are high, success is celebrated and everyone feels supported and that they are listened to. We like learning through real life tasks when possible and believe that team tasks encourage leadership and cooperation. In July we hope to have a group of confident young people, who have the necessary skills to succeed socially, emotionally and academically in either their future schools or in Year 6 and will have had a fantastic time learning along the way. 


 If you have any worries or concerns please email me at so I am aware of them and can work with you to make your child’s experience in Snowdon Class a happy one.

All information about what is going on at school can be found on the website, the weekly Newsletter, Facebook or in the letters emailed out.



Work for Friday February 18th



 Wintery trees



Listen to chapter 3 and 4 . Then write a diary extract about how Leonard would feel about leaving for England.