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Online Safety Concern form

Please tell us if you have a concern about online safety

Use the questions below to help start discussions about how we can all use the internet safely, respectfully, responsibly, and positively when gaming and spending time online.


  • How do you have fun using the internet and technology?
  • What’s your favourite game, app or website?
  • How does going online make you feel?
  • What can you do if you fall out with a friend online?
  • Do people disagree more online or offline? Why do you think that is?
  • What could you do if someone you were talking to online was unkind to you, or made you feel worried, upset, or uncomfortable?


The best way to understand how video games work in the life of your child is to spend time together playing them. Although parents are sometimes reluctant, not wanting to intrude on their child's hobby, children are generally enthusiastic when parents and carers take an interest. Along with having fun playing together, this enables you to set ground rules.


Understanding why they might not want to stop immediately if they are playing online, or celebrating their progress in competitive games can inform how you agree on ground rules with them. This four-step process may help with gaming in your household:


P - Play with your kids. Discover amazing games and understand what they play and why.

L - Learn about family controls for your console.

A - Ask what your kids think. Discuss ground rules before setting restrictions.

Y - You’re in charge. Set restrictions that work for your family.


The following links offer great up-to-date advice, support and useful tips:


The internet is an amazing resource which enables children to connect, communicate and be creative. I hope you enjoy sharing these resources with your child(ren).

National Online Safety present the 'Online Reputation Song'


I Like It Official Music Video - Safer Internet Day

"I Like It" is an anti-cyber bullying rap performed by the GMCBeats Youth Crew to celebrate Safer Internet Day.Music & lyrics written, produced & record...

Please check out the links below for useful guidance on games and the suggested age restrictions.