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 Welcome to Earth 






In Earth class we have Reception pupils.

The class is taught by Ms Isaac and Mrs Bennett, supported by Miss Cockram. 

Sunshine and Sunflowers


Our topic for this term is Sunshine and sunflowers! In the Sunshine and Sunflowers project your child will explore their local environment and see how it has changed throughout the year. They will grow flowers, fruit and vegetables in the garden area. They will learn how to care for plants and animals, identifying some different types. They will take part in outdoor learning activities and find out how to stay safe in the sun.

Starry Night


This term, we will explore the differences between the world at night time compared with daytime, through a range of exciting and creative activities. We will find out about nocturnal animals and how they find food when it is dark as well as finding out about people who work at night and the different jobs that people do when we are asleep. We will discuss bedtime routines and the importance of a good night’s sleep. We will explore the night sky and find out about the Moon and stars. During the colder weeks, we will also be exploring the seasonal changes that happen through the winter.


Supporting your child at home

  • Look at the night sky and see how many stars you can see each night.
  • See how the Moon changes shape each night.
  • Go on a short walk after dark or go into the garden. Take a torch to light the way. Discuss how things look different in the dark.
  • Go on a winter walk and talk about how the environment has changed since the summer months.
  • Put bird food out in the garden or on a window ledge and observe the birds that visit.

Sparkle and Shine


Our new class mini project is called 'Sparkle and Shine'. In this project, the children will explore different celebrations that take place in autumn and winter, focusing on the significance and symbolism of light at this time of year. They will take part in a variety of creative activities and discover more about how celebrations including Bonfire Night, Diwali, Hanukka and Christmas are celebrated around the world.

Welly Walks


We have begun to take our weekly welly walks to Millennium Woods, Ash. We are so lucky to have this beautiful space just on our doorstep! These sessions provide us with the opportunity to gain hands-on experiences relating to the topics we are investigating in class. We will be visiting throughout all of the seasons which will allow us to make scientific comparisons at different points of the year. These visits give us rich communication and language opportunities and are great fun too!

Me and My Community


Our first Topic is called 'Me and My Community'. In this project, the children will learn about the school community and building friendships. They will explore the school grounds and find out about all the people in school who are there to help them. They will explore how they are special and unique and how everyone’s family is different. They will take part in practical activities to support them to build new friendships and explore what makes a good friend. They will also find out about people in the community who help us, including doctors, nurses, and the emergency services.



What an absolutely fantastic start to your time at school!

The children have settled in beautifully; learning new names, our school rules and our new routines.

The class is filled with lots of big smiles, lots of play and lots of exploration.



The children have made an amazing start to learning to read and write in our phonics sessions. Please look here for information about the sounds children will be learning this term.

White Rose Maths Yearly Overview