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Welcome to Saturn 

Year One and Two

In RE we have been looking at the story of Purim.

We read the story of Esther, so the children understood why the celebration happens

We then looked a dance called The Horah. The children practised the steps and here are the results!!!

In Science we have been looking at seasonal changes. We braved the freezing cold and went outside to see what sort of things occur during Winter. The children then made predictions about what might happen as Winter turns to Spring. We have put these predictions in an envelope and we will see who has made some brilliant predictions.


The Dark

Still image for this video
The children wrote their own poems about the dark inspired by The Dark. Here is Freya reading her poem!!

We have been really busy in Saturn Class this half term!

The children have been reading and writing about 'The Dark' by Lemony Snicket and have produced some wonderful versions of their own.










In Maths Year 1 have bee looking at place value and ordering numbers on a number line to 20!

They are able to estimate where numbers can be placed, test them and see if they can tell you where these numbers belong

In Year 2 we have been looking at money, the Year 2 children have been looking at different ways of making the same amount. Ask the children how many different ways are there to make 70p!



Hi all


I have few activities that I would like you all to try and complete today, these are just some suggestions. Only do what you can.



Following on with our Maths topic, I would like you all to do a 2D and 3D shape hunt around your house. I have attached a worksheet for you all to complete, you have to see which everyday items look like 2D and 3D shapes, there is also a Power point for you to have a look at. 



I was having a think about something fun to do in English last night and then the though struck me. I would like you all to write a haiku poem about the rain. The children have written haiku poems about the Great Fire of London and they did an amazing job. 

Remember a haiku poem has to have 5 syllables in the top line, 7 in the middle and 5 on the bottom.

There is a Power Point for you all to have a look at for this as well.



I have attached a poem called Christmas Eve by Brian Moses. It's a poem all about the excitement children feel the night before Christmas. I would like you all to read the poem and then create a word bank of words that you don't know the meaning of, and then try and find the meaning of them. You can write these down on a piece of paper.


And finally, If you have lines in the Nativity please can you spend a little time rehearsing them.



Thanks all!


Fun Challenge!!!

If your parents let you and you have asked permission, it would be great to see who can jump in the biggest puddle. Photo evidence will be required.......

What facts do you know about your class planet?

Bring them to school and share them with your teacher.


I hope you have all had a wonderful Summer, I am so excited to see you all tomorrow. Enjoy your day in the sun!!!

We have had a brilliant start to the year. All the children have come in with such a wonderful attitude toward their learning.

We have sent home a pack of helpful resources for you, in this pack you will find...

  • A red phonics homework book which will be filled in by the teachers with instructions on what to do and complete.
  • A reading record book, where we would like you to write comments on how your child has read with you.
  • A reading book at your child's level. we do ask that you try to read with your children at least three times a week as this will hugely support with their learning in school.
  • A blue spelling book, spellings will be sent out every Monday. Please do not write in the blue books they are for in class use only.
  • And finally, a home reading book which you can read to your children and enjoy together.


Our classroom reader this half term is

'Mr Penguin and the Lost Treasure'


Ask your children what they think the story is about?

What genre of book is it?

What sort of character is Mr Penguin?


In History we are looking Childhoods from the past


It would be wonderful if your children are able to talk to their grandparents or friends grandparents about what being a child was like in the past, that would be lovely. They could then share their findings with the class.


Our PE day is on Thursday, so please can your children come in appropriate PE clothing.

On Wednesday afternoon the Year 1 children are going to be going to Forest School!!! Again could the children please bring in wellies and appropriate wet/cold weather clothing as they will be going out in all weather.


NEW MESSAGE 11.10.23 Hello Saturn Class parents As part of our History topic 'Childhood' we have been looking at family trees. We have begun to fill in our own family trees but now need a little help from you at home. Please can you fill in the tree template with pictures or names of family from as far back as possible. We hope you have fun looking back into the past!!!

New Message 26.9.23


Hello Saturn Class


Can I ask the Year 2 children to bring in a memorable picture or object that reflects an important life event, for example, a special birthday, christening, family celebration or personal achievement for our History lesson tomorrow. The Year one children are welcome to do this too however they will be in Forest School throughout the afternoon. 


Thank you!!!

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