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We are delighted to work in partnership with Somerset Music here and we have adopted the Somerset Music approved Scheme 'Charanga Musical School' scheme of work. 


This gives every child opportunities to listen, appraise, compose and perform a variety of musical styles throughout their primary years. Children will be taught to sing in groups and in choirs, and as part of our worship programme. We have singing assemblies weekly for all pupils and we also offer extra-curricular singing to complement this work. 


Every child is taught the recorder and pupils also have access to Ukulele, Percussion and other instruments in school. 


Throughout the year, we also have opportunities for performance and collaboration with a range of musical activities and cultures. 


We also have visiting music teachers available for private and group lessons. Just get in touch with the school office for more information. 


Check out for more information on local music provision. 

Musical Vocabulary: Years 1–6


Year 1 Words you need to know: Pulse, rhythm, pitch, rap, improvise, compose, melody, bass guitar, drums, decks, perform, singers, keyboard, percussion, trumpets, saxophones, Blues, Baroque, Latin, Irish Folk, Funk, pulse, rhythm, pitch, groove, audience, imagination.


Year 2 Words you need to know: Keyboard, drums, bass, electric guitar, saxophone, trumpet, pulse, rhythm, pitch, improvise, compose, audience, question and answer, melody, dynamics, tempo, perform/performance, audience, rap, Reggae, glockenspiel.


Year 3 Vocabulary: Structure, intro/introduction, verse, chorus, improvise, compose, pulse, rhythm, pitch, tempo, dynamics, bass, drums, guitar, keyboard, synthesizer, hook, melody, texture, structure, electric guitar, organ, backing vocals, hook, riff, melody, Reggae, pentatonic scale, imagination, Disco.


Year 4 Vocabulary: Keyboard, electric guitar, bass, drums, improvise, compose, melody, pulse, rhythm, pitch, tempo, dynamics, texture, structure, compose, improvise, hook, riff, melody, solo, pentatonic scale, unison, rhythm patterns, musical style, rapping, lyrics, choreography, digital/electronic sounds, turntables, synthesizers, by ear, notation, backing vocal, piano, organ, acoustic guitar, percussion, birdsong, civil rights, racism, equality.


Year 5 Vocabulary: Rock, bridge, backbeat, amplifier, chorus, bridge, riff, hook, improvise, compose, appraising, Bossa Nova, syncopation, structure, Swing, tune/head, note values, note names, Big bands, pulse, rhythm, solo, ballad, verse, interlude, tag ending, strings, piano, guitar, bass, drums, melody, cover, Old-school Hip Hop, Rap, riff, synthesizer, deck, backing loops, Funk, scratching, unison, melody, cover, pitch, tempo, dynamics, timbre, texture, Soul, groove, riff, bass line, brass section, harmony, melody.


Year 6 Vocabulary: style indicators, melody, compose, improvise, cover, pulse, rhythm, pitch, tempo, dynamics, timbre, texture, structure, dimensions of music, Neo Soul, producer, groove, Motown, hook, riff, solo, Blues, Jazz, improvise/improvisation, by ear, melody, riff, solo, ostinato, phrases, unison, Urban Gospel, civil rights, gender equality, unison, harmony. © Copyright 2020 Charanga Ltd


The Interrelated Dimensions of Music (Dimensions)

● Pulse – the regular heartbeat of the music; its steady beat.

● Rhythm – long and short sounds or patterns that happen over the pulse.

● Pitch – high and low sounds.

● Tempo – the speed of the music; fast or slow or in-between.

● Dynamics – how loud or quiet the music is.

● Timbre – all instruments, including voices, have a certain sound quality e.g. the trumpet has a very different sound quality to the violin.

● Texture – layers of sound. Layers of sound working together make music very interesting to listen to.

● Structure – every piece of music has a structure e.g. an introduction, verse and chorus ending.


● Notation – the link between sound and symbol. © Copyright 2020 Charanga Ltd

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